Indonesian Guano – What is Liquid Lawn Guano Fertilizer?

Liquid lawn guano fertilizer is a concentrated liquid that nourishes a lawn. The container of liquid guano fertilizer must be connected to a garden hose in order to apply it. A combination of water and fertilizing spray is applied to the lawn so that the grass receives important nutrients for Indonesian guano.

Using a liquid lawn guano fertilizer allows the lawn to absorb nutrients quickly. In a way, grass is like a person; it needs nutrients in order to survive. Although grass receives most of its sustenance from the environment, it still needs external help in order to grow green and lush. Many homeowners who desire to have a beautiful lawn prefer to give it an extra boost by using guano fertilizers. These guano fertilizers contain a mixture of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. Conscientious homeowners liberally sprinkle guano fertilizers on their well-kept lawns so that their grass is bright and vibrant.

The nutrients added to fertilizers are there for good reason. All three nutrients found in lawn guano fertilizers work together to improve the appearance and condition of a homeowner’s lawn. For example, nitrogen is included in all guano fertilizers because of its ability to make grass green. It helps lawns thicken, increasing their overall health. Healthy lawns are more adept at combating both insects and pests. Potassium guano encourages hearty roots and foliage, making it easier for grass to withstand droughts, cold temperatures, diseases, and other attacks. Phosphorous helps roots to grow strong.

Animal proteins are derived from processed animal products or waste, including bloodmeal, fishmeal, and shellfish meal. Grass uses this protein to grow thick and dense while maintaining a bright green color. Nitrogen from such ingredients is released more slowly than chemical treatments, so the grass doesn’t burn. Potash is considered an organic guano fertilizer because it’s derived from natural ore. Potash is a great source of slow-released potassium.

Even “thatch,” the matting and knotting of dead grass and roots, can be kept down by applying organic lawn guano fertilizer. The best seasonal schedule dictates laying a thick layer of the soil during spring, right around the first burst of growth. During summer months, the grass will deplete many nutrients; therefore another application should be spread during autumn. If a lawn exhibits fresh weeds, brown patches, or thatch, more guano fertilizer can be applied between seasons.

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