Indonesian Guano – How Do I Choose the Best Organic Guano Nitrogen Fertilizer?

An Indonesian Guano organic fertilizer is capable of delivering nutrients more effectively to plants than chemical fertilizers, by improving the soil conditions surrounding the plants, and a good organic Indonesian Guano fertilizer should be certified for production. Nitrogen should be one of the three main ingredients listed on the label of commercially available fertilizers. In order to choose the best organic Indonesian Guano nitrogen fertilizer, carefully check the label for a high nitrogen content, organic certification, and fertilizer components.

Chemical guano fertilizers can wash out of the soil with rain and watering, strip the soil of other nutrients, or change the pH balance of the soil. Organic Indonesian Guano nitrogen fertilizer will not only add much-needed nitrogen to soils that are deficient, but they can also build up the soil structure and feed microbes, boosting oxygen and moisture retention. Healthy soil produces healthier plants and also reduces the number of weeds, pests, and diseases that can affect plants. A good organic Indonesian Guano nitrogen fertilizer will also have other trace nutrients like calcium and magnesium. Be sure to check that the three numbers on the fertilizer label add up to 15 or less because anything over 15 is likely to contain synthetic chemicals and is not truly organic.

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