Indonesian Guano – How Do I Choose the Best Guano Soil Fertilizer?

The best Indonesian Guano soil fertilizer may be thought of as the product or combination of products that enables desired plants to flourish. No single  guano fertilizer is always best; rather, it may be dependent upon factors including the type of existing soil in an area and the species of plants that will be grown. Choosing the best Indonesian Guano soil fertilizer involves some analysis of the existing soil as well as identifying the needs of the plants to be grown in that soil. To make an informed decision, it is important to know what the soil is lacking and what factors or  guano soil specifications the plants need to thrive.

When the condition and deficiencies of the soil of Indonesian Guano have been identified and the guano soil requirements of the desired plants determined, suitable  Indonesian Guano soil fertilizer products can be selected to correct or amend any deficiencies that may exist. Important factors to consider before purchasing fertilizer include pH, drainage rate, and humus content of the guano soil. Some plants prefer a low or slightly acidic pH, while others prefer an alkaline or neutral pH. Similarly, some plants need a rich soil that stays slightly moist, while dry or sandy soils are ideal for other species. Interestingly, some plants actually prefer “poor” or non-amended soils; in these cases, adding fertilizer to the soil can actually harm the plant.

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